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Group 6 FTX

Event Description: 2021 FTX @ 2 Mile Run County Park

The vision of the Group 6 Field Training Exercise is to provide quality training and hands on experience to our members along with bringing in community partners from other organizations for joint training.

Event Details

C/Lt. Col. Cody Hall will be the Cadet Commander for 2021

When & Where

The dates will be April 23-25, 2021 pending COVID status at that time. 

(Staff Training) - Takes place in advance

Sign-in: Ground team training begins at 1900 Friday evening and lasts until Saturday when the mission starts. 

Time:  Generally we begin on a Friday afternoon; spend the night - all day Saturday and half a day Sunday dismissing around 16:00

Location 2021: Two Mile Run County Park - Lockwood area. Lockwood Lane, Franklin, PA.

Coordinates are: 41.469417, -79.784322



Transportation to and from the academy is up to the squadron or individual

Lodging Information

Bring your own tent; NO SHARING OF TENTS THIS YEAR.

What to bring

Food and water for THREE DAYS

MUST BRING CAP 101 card and your CAP ID.

See equipment list for a list of equipment that the cadets will need to bring. *Will be provided later

Uniform Of The Day

ABUs/BDUs/blue work uniform/polo only, no blues or corporate dress. Senior members assigned to ground teams MUST have ABUs/BDUs/or the blue work uniform, no exceptions.

Inquiries and Completed forms:

CAP Form 60-80 (formerly 32), 160, 161, 163.


  Feb 18  

 Civil Air Patrol Cadet Activity Permission Slip                                           


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**F160 (I)  

  Jun 13   

 CAP Member Health History Form                                                            


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 Jun 13    

 Emergency Information                                                                             


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 Jun 13    

 Permission for Provision of Minor Cadet Over-The-Counter Medication  


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Historic info from 2017 under Major Galford:


Friday 20 Jan 2017:

     You may begin arriving at 1900 if needed. For those of you who have not completed your GTM3 a SET will be there and you may demonstrate the skills you need to finish that. That is the only thing we will do that evening. Early arrival is if you will be traveling far and will be able to sleep at the facility.


Saturday 21 Jan 2017: 

     Check in for all others begins at 0700-0800. We will then form into teams and get started on the various trainings for the day. The afternoon will be fluid as we would like to do crash site location however the weather my prohibit flying. I am also in talks with a canine search team to come train with us as well. If there is enough computer access there may be some opportunity to do some of the online classes, however, the more you come prepared with by having it done ahead of time the better it will be. 


Sunday 22 Jan 2017:

*****CPR/ FIRST AIDE CLASS*****  I know this is becoming a bug hurdle lately to find these classes. I have secured a coworker of mine to teach that morning. Cost is $5.00 per person, she is donating her time and the cost if for the cards. Even if you are not coming for the whole training but need updated you can attend this part.  I need an accurate head count 2 days beforehand so she has the supplies needed.

The afternoon will be for demonstrating skills learned on Sat and obtaining signoffs. 


Form 32, Form 160, 161, 163.  If you need your ICUT training do the online lessons. 116, 117 under General Emergency Services. MOST Important..... Your commander needs to give you permission in eservices for training. 

Please bring the cost for CPR cards with you that day and I will collect it then. 

Any questions please reply to your ES officers of commander. 

Most importantly the location: Port Meadville Airport will be the base of operations.

Historic info from 2015 under Major Galford:

Group 6 Fall FTX 2015

Oct 24, 25, 26 Port Meadville Airport, Meadville, PA

Friday night check in will begin at 1700 at the Airport. A new concept has been
added to check in. If you have a few items left on your SQTR to have a level signed
off be prepared to demonstrate at that time and you will then be able to train for the
next level on Saturday.
Saturday check in will begin at 0600. There will be no chance to test for current
level up at that time. Check in ends at 0700 Saturday am as training will begin
right away.
Training will conclude Sunday by 1700.

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