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Group 6


The Group 6 Color Guard Academy's mission is to prepare cadets to serve on the Color Guard to present the Nation's Colors while molding individual character and team development and represent the Civil Air Patrol. It is our mission to meet the Cadet Core Values and uphold the standards befitting all Civil Air Patrol Cadets.




Event Description 

The vision of the Group 6 Color Guard Academy is to train cadets on the finer points of Air Force-style drill and ceremony, impart timeless values of patriotism, community service, and personal honor. Through discipline, loyalty, and ethical conduct, the Color Guard will serve as an example for Civil Air Patrol Corps of Cadets and will exemplify traits of selfless service and honor. In the spirit of those cadets, past and present, who have dedicated their lives for the things we cherish, the PAWG Group 6 CGA will proudly carry the colors - To Honor with Respect.

Event Details

When & Where

(Staff Training) - Week before event

(Student Training) - Varies each year


: TBD

Time: 1200-1600

Location to be determined; historically it has been held at the Ben Franklin in New Castle


Transportation to and from the academy is up to the squadron or individual

Lodging Information

Lodging will only be arranged if its a two+ day event.

What to bring

See equipment list for a list of equipment that the cadets will need to bring

Uniform Of The Day

ABUs will be worn for daily training activities

Blue Service Dress (Class B) will be worn for the Graduation Ceremony


Inquiries and Completed forms:

Forward all questions and comments to your Cadet Programs officer

For more information you can view other unit sites; such as the Alabama Wing ( ALWG ) Color Guard Academy site:

Color Guard Academy site



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