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Calendar & Events: Group 6

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(Technically this is Squadron 123's calendar - temporarily placed here on 1-13-21 until I get code from the new Group 6 calendar to replace it with) 



Group 6 and its squadrons strive to volunteer and help those around us. We do many events throughout the year, some have come and gone, while others have stayed. This page is to direct you to the different events that we partake in annually. If you have an event that you feel we can help you with, contact us and we will consider if we can get involved.


Legislative Days Feb/March

Wings send representatives to Washington, D.C to advocate for CAP with federally elected officials. It provides CAP an opportunity to talk one-on-one with Congressional representatives and staff about operations and programs at the state and national levels as well as organizational funding. 

Also known as “Leg (ledge) Day,” the event occurs in conjunction with the Winter Command Council meeting typically on the second Thursday after Presidents Day. Organization-wide training occurs the night before the meetings on Capitol Hill.

More than 200 CAP members including wing commanders, selected seniors and cadets join national headquarters staff in about 450 meetings (out of 541 possible meetings). High on the annual agenda is informing Congress about how CAP’s Federal appropriations are spent and what our future requirements are.

It is important that wings visit as many of their Congressional delegation as possible. Normally most wings start making appointments in early January. Initial Legislative Day details are emailed to key stakeholders in December or early January. Wings need to inform National Headquarters of scheduled meetings to ensure that briefing materials are prepared as a leave behind packet for each visit.

Many wings have decided to replicate the national Legislative Day with a similar, state legislative day that highlights wing operations and state funding requirements. This kind of similar event is highly encouraged.

Detailed Legislative Day information can be found on the GVR tab in CAP eServices. Expect Legislative Day updates and new documents to be posted starting in January every year. For specific questions contact CAP Government Relations at

PA Wing Conference - April

In Pennsylvania Wing, twice a year we have a conference where cadets from all over PA meet old friends, go to new classes, and do fun activities together.

Group 6 FTX- Spring and Fall 

We strive to hold two Field Training Exercises per year; the dates change depending on staff and other activities happening.  Generally we expect everyone to be GTM3+ trained and ready to practice things you already know; along with some advanced training that takes place over the Friday/Saturday/Sunday activity.  This is not designed for beginners

STEM Fair - Spring

Where people from the community come to see our amazing tables! Last year we had Carnegie Mellon talk about their Pico CTF program, kids from New Castle's robotic club show off their Dr. Suess robots, drones to fly, rockets to launch, slime to make, and even a hoverboard to ride! It's a great experience for all ages, and gives you a great opportunity to see what Civil Air Patrol can offer.

Cadet Training Schools Encampment - June

Once a year in the end of June, cadets from all over the country go to Fort Indiantown GAP, where PA Wing Encampment takes place. Not only that, but they offer Leadership Development Course, STEM, and Regional Cadet Leadership School. It's a great opportunity for cadets to make life long friends, develop their leadership skills, and learn about things they've never heard of before!

Butler Fair - July

At the Big Butler Fair, many squadrons come together to park cars and have a good time. It's a great fundraiser and a great place to make memories. We camp out all week, park cars for 12 hours a day and volunteers get into the fair free each night when they're done parking.

Butler Farm Show - August

At the Butler Farm Show, our squadron runs the parking detail for the week, where other squadrons from the area come to have fun. Another great fundraiser, and in return, we also get in for free. We camp out the whole week, and are given a hangar to have our base at.

National Cadet Special Activities (NCSAs)

Civil Air Patrol has one of the best varieties of programs for cadets to attend. NCSAs offer many opportunities to cadets. They are designed to explore civilian and military aerospace careers, provide flight training, develop leadership, and enhance emergency services skills.

Color Guard Academy

We have at least one unit host this every year.  This helps cadets learn the importance of color guard and their ceremonies, and get hands on experience posting the colors, and flag folding.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

We have one unit host this every two to three years.  We make a weekend trip, tour the base, the museum and stay on base if possible.


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